What is Somatics?

Somatics is a way to utilize the body as the way "in" to our psyche, our soul, our subconscious...to the deepest pieces of our human experience. 

Western psychology traditionally believes that thoughts and emotions originate in the brain, yet somatics acknowledges that the sensations in our bodies, thoughts and emotions are all interconnected.

Many of us walk around feeling unsafe in our bodies.

Whether you've experienced trauma, an eating disorder, low self-esteem, the culture we live in forces us to try to fit our body, mind and emotions into a box. Somatics reinforces that we are all our own unique individuals.

Somatic techniques use a blend of movement, breathing and conversation to help us reconnect into who we truly we are.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is just one of the techniques used to help us reconnect. Start your journey clicking below to schedule an appointment.

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