What is Yoga Therapy?

Understanding the wisdom of your body

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a one-on-one session that includes a variation of the following:

  • Movement

  • Yoga postures

  • Meditation

  • Breathing

  • Dialogue 

Each session depends on the uniqueness of YOU! There are zero expectations of you to be able to "do yoga" or be able to "do" any poses. As you speak to the sensations happening in your body as you move and breathe, you might find "edges" of emotions emerge and expand. Exploring these sensations and emotions allow you to more deeply understand yourself, your beliefs and patterns, memories, dreams, expectations, and your own deepest inner wisdom.

What a session looks like:

Who is Yoga Therapy for?

  • Yoga Therapy is great for people from all walks of life! Yoga Therapy benefits people looking to grow and learn more about themselves, as well as those with trauma, anxiety, chronic pain, injuries, depression, among many other conditions. 

  • Sam also specializes in working with the following:

    • Combat-related Post-traumatic Stress (Disorder)​

    • Military Sexual Assault (MST)

    • Military Emotional Stress & Distress

    • Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse

What Yoga Therapy is not:

  • Yoga Therapy is not a yoga class, it is a one-on-one session.

  • Yoga Therapy is not fitness

  • Yoga Therapy is not counseling. While many come to Yoga Therapy for a variety of disorders, it is important to note that I am not a licensed mental health provider.

Where will Yoga Therapy be?


"Thankful it was less complicated than I imagined it would be".

"I really liked that you let me talk without judgement"

"I appreciate the 'therapy' part of Yoga Therapy. I often have a lot of emotions to unpack and it was nice to do that and understand their connection to my body".

"I loved it. I feel more calm, more centered, and at peace. It's really helpful".

"I really liked today's session. I felt so alive afterwards, the world just sparkled"

"Sam has an amazing demeanor. She made me feel so comfortable despite an unfamiliar task. She also seems really knowledgeable".

Samantha Kita Eddy

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